Sunday, December 13, 2009

Come Ring Out the New Year with Castalia 2010!

Kicking off the new year, we're lucky to have current MFA writers Rachael Armstrong, Jenny Dolan and Zebulon Huset, as well as a featured alumni twofer: poets (and former Castalia curators), Aaron Barrell and William Bernhard.

Remember, Hugo House has a fabulous little cafe with a variety of drinks to keep you content. We'll continue to have books for sale, so bring some cash.

When: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 8pm

Where: Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue

The reading is FREE and open to the public.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Castalia

Closing out 2009 Castalia (we’ll be back January 5th, 2010, don't worry), second-year prose writer Jess Corozza brought us poetry from her younger days and gave reasons why hugging sucks; first-year poet Talia Shalev offered us a trip to the seashore with Medusa and collages built from Alan Dugan; second-year prose writer Paige Eve Chant explored mysteries of family, youthful devotion, and sand dollars; second-year poet Sarah Kate Moore took us from the moon to Buenos Aires and reflected on the endings of things; and special guest reader, UW professor Maya Sonenberg, walked gracefully the boundaries of poetry and prose with most satisfying results. Enjoy, see you in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sarah Kate is up for a Pushcart!

Sarah Kathryn Moore, one of tomorrow's featured readers, has a great poem up on Linebreak, which the editors just nominated for the Pushcart Prizes.

Come out tomorrow to hear her, and our other talented writers!