Wednesday, April 25, 2012

May Castalia Poster

April Castalia Audio!

May Castalia

Come to the last Castalia of the 2011/2012 season! Help usher us out of the spring nest and into summer by listening to first year poet Calvin Pierce and first year prose writers Meredith Ridings and Bea Chang. Second year poet Kori Linn will be the lone but lovely representative of her class. We are excited to welcome two faculty readers this month, including UW’s English Graduate Program director Brian Reed. Brian specializes in 20th century poetry and poetics and has published After His Lights: Hart Crane Reconsidered with the University of Alabama press. Our creative writing faculty member is the wonderful Heather McHugh, recipient of a bevy of awards and honors, including a MacArthur Genius Award, and the author of eight collections of poetry, including the recent Upgraded to Serious. We are thrilled to have both Brian and Heather joining us for the final Castalia.

April Wrap-up

To those unfortunate enough not to have made it to April Castalia: you missed out on a wonderful lineup. We began the evening by hearing poems from first year Katie Hoffman. Fellow first year Elizabeth Colon shared poems as well as prose, before we heard poems from UW’s own Linda Bierds, who thoroughly embraced the month’s theme of wonder and awe.  After the break we got a big dose of prose, hearing first year Elizabeth Weinberg, followed by second year Kristin Young, who read to us from her novel-in-progress. Second year Jean Burnet wrapped up the show with a heartbreaking short story from her thesis project.