Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Castalia Audio

Our final Castalia of the year! It went by so fast and luckily, we went out with a bang. Thanks to everyone who read and shared their work over the past season! First-year fiction writer Paul Vega began the May reading with a fiction piece about a man and his drug-addled ex-wife; second-year poet Jessica Tyson, inspired by life in the restaurant biz, empathized with the plight of an octopus dipped in marinara sauce; first-year fiction writer Jean Burnet read a nonfiction piece about her family and paid homage to her Ecuadorian roots; during the intermission, audience members worked on erasure poems based on the bios of the night's readers; poet and UW alum Jason Whitmarsh doled out the advice of "If you're going to kiss a vampire, you shouldn't kiss a vampire"; the night ended with poet Cody Walker, who informed the audience of the fate of Abbott and Costello.