Monday, November 14, 2011

November Recap!

That's a wrap folks! Last month's Castalia was a raging success featuring first year poet Luke Laubhan who gave us a stirring collage account of his experiences on the Oklahoman range. He was followed by first year prose writer Tara Atkinson who gave us a brief but memorable peek into her novel-in-progress beautifully detailing the complications of a father-daughter relationship. Second year poet gentleman and scholar Peter Moench stole the show in the first act. Via his verse he delved into the life of another scholar and schooled us all on Linear B.

After a brief intermission, we got back to business and boy was it busy! Alum Marcia Woodard surprised us with her off-genre canine journalism. She shared two pieces with us, offering new insights into the world of the AKC and a new understanding what it means to be a pet owner. Following Marcia was her fellow alum, Amanda Laughtland. Amanda shared short poems inspired by a box of forbidden postcards, dug up out of the depths of her neighbor’s basement. Then she got the crowd a buzzin’ with her bee poems. Finally, our best and most distinguished reader Andrew Feld arrived with his pet falcon. Kidding! Guided by the metaphorical possibilities of falconry, he captivated us with poems from his new book Raptor.